Bay windows are a great addition to any home, they offer a great box bay to use and is great to look at from the outside. However, they are tricky to dress. Curtains and blinds simply don’t fit them right.

Hardwood shutters fit them perfectly. They offer a classic look and allow you to use the box bay for other purposes whereas curtains or blinds would render it unusable.


You can combine bay window shutters with any other shutter style. This allows you to pick and choose the perfect plantation shutters for your window.

Some shutters offer more privacy and other windows are better for allowing in light.

10 Year Guarantee

As we pride ourselves on making the customer happy we offer a 10-year guarantee. We are proud of the quality service we provide and as a great shutter company, we know the product we make will last.

If you think you need some bay window shutters you should contact us for a quote and once that’s sorted out we can arrange our installation specialist and start working on making your home look beautiful.

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Choosing a bay window offers a classic look and ensures the space remains usable.

  • Versatile
  • Maximum light control
  • Independent top and bottom control
  • 10 year guarantee

Bay window shutters are shutters made uniquely for your bay window. Shutters are the perfect window dressing for bay windows as they cover the whole window frame. This means there won’t be any cracks for light to intrude through.

Bay window shutters come in a variety of styles, which include cafe style, solid and tier on tier shutters. The most popular bay window shutters style is probably full height shutters as they are the most popular wooden shutters in the country and are a very stylish shutter style.

Bay window shutters cost might surprise you as they are very affordable.

Bay window shutters are unique as they are the only window dressing that really fits the bay window. Bay windows tend to be very hard to dress due to their distinct shape which renders blinds and curtains useless with a bay window.

Made to Measure

Shutters for bay windows are the perfect choice for your bay windows. All our bay window shutters are made to measure. We do this to ensure that they will fit your window frame perfectly and won’t allow in any unwanted light.

This offers you total light control which you can use to make your house a home.

Café Style Shutters

If you want to lighten your room but also want the privacy benefits of shutters then you should buy cafe style shutters. They are the perfect bay window shutters for customers who prioritise their privacy but also want to enjoy some natural light in their room.

With our years of professional experience, we know how to make plantation shutters that will last and retain their unique shape made depending on the customer’s specifications.

We do this by arranging a visit, measuring how large the window is, and getting the shutter fitted.

The fitting is done by our team of quality professional craftspeople who will ensure your window shutters are installed correctly.

As a reliable bay window shutter company we are proud of our service and always try to make our customers as happy with our work as possible.

Colours and Materials

Because our plantation shutters are made by us we are able to facilitate your preferences in the making of them.

We provide our shutters in a range of materials depending on your preference. Our solid wooden shutters are made from a range of wood. You can decide what sort of material you want

Similarly, our shutters can come in a variety of colours. They come in colours such as white, blue, to any colour of the rainbow.

We believe shutters are a great way to improve your interior design. They can match whatever colour scheme you have inside your house, and can blend with any style you have.

We believe shutters are an excellent addition to your interior design and our specialists are great at installing the shutters in a way that will make your room look beautiful.



We are an owner-managed business, offering brilliant service you can rely on. A small team of like-minded people, we take delight in delivering what you want, quickly. Depending on your choice, we can install your shutters in as little as 7 weeks.

At Universal Shutters, we offer personal, affordable and hassle-free service. It’s what we value, so it’s what we offer.



From your initial contact, you’ll feel the difference. Your home, your way is at the heart of our philosophy. Professionalism and honesty you can rely on.


All of our ranges are made from the strongest, most durable materials. How else could we include a 10 year warranty on all our installations? Great products and peace of mind; guaranteed.


With 0% interest available and the best range in the market, we can work together to match your budget.


Our philosophy on service is straightforward:

Be brilliant,
Be precise,
Be gone.