Café style shutters are a great addition to any home, they give you a sense of privacy without stopping light from entering your home. Our shutters are made to fit your window frame perfectly.

These are the best shutters for giving you the maximum light inside your room. They offer a Mediterranean look and can transform your room with ease.


You can pair cafe style shutters with curtains to combine the best of both worlds. This gives you great light while improving your home privacy.

Cafe style shutters work great with bay windows. They are one of the best options for bay window shutters as they do not restrict the amount of light that will enter the room.

10 Year Guarantee

As we pride ourselves on making the customer happy we offer a 10-year guarantee. We are proud of the quality service we provide and as a great shutter company, we know the product we make will last.

If you think you need some cafe style shutters you should contact us for a quote and once that’s sorted out we can arrange our installation specialist and start working on making your home look beautiful.

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Keep your street front rooms both bright and private with cafe style shutters.
  • Best for privacy
  • Great for natural light
  • Any height
  • 10-year guarantee

Cafe style shutters are shutters whose shutter frames only the lower half of the window. They do this to allow in light while offering you privacy in your home. They are made to measure. This ensures that they will not have any cracks which will damage your sense of privacy.

Universal Shutters’ cafe style shutters are made of hardwood. This is because they are very durable and easy to clean. These hardwood shutters are one of the most popular styles in the UK because they offer a Mediterranean aesthetic. These café shutters can easily transform your room.

Mediterranean Style

Cafe style shutter panels can transform your home. They can make your home feel like it’s in the Mediterranean with their classy decor.

If you’re looking for shutters that project an elegant image. Look no further.


Cafe style shutters prevent people from looking into your home without closing the room off. They are a great alternative for curtains as they maintain the room’s open feel while ensuring privacy.

People who live in homes directly on a street will love café style shutters as they will stop passersby from seeing into your home.


Are you looking for window dressing that allows in light and affords you privacy at the same time? Then Cafe style shutters are perfect for you.

They let in light easily due to only covering the bottom half of the window frame and this allows your room to be lit up easily by natural light. Cafe style shutters are the perfect option for those who want to light up their room space.


Cafe style shutters allow you to decide exactly what you want. They are very flexible with your demands. Their shutter frame can come in any height to suit what you want.

If you’re looking for something to fit into your interior design then cafe style shutters are the solution to your problem.

Made To Measure

At Universal Shutters, our cafe style shutters are made to measure for your window frame so that it will perfectly fit. We have a nonobtrusive team of craftspeople who will install café style shutters properly. You should never get DIY shutters as the shutter panel may not fit your windows.


The Café style shutter is often the most cost-effective shutter-style so they may be ideal for your budget. They are competitively priced to their alternatives like solid shutters or full height shutters. Get in contact with us so that we can talk about what shutter style will suit your window.

Colours & Materials

Our shutters come in a variety of materials to suit your interior design. We understand that it is important and want to contribute to your fantastic design.

To ensure we are able to work with your design our shutters come in a variety of colours. Contact us and ask about particular colours.



We are an owner-managed business, offering brilliant service you can rely on. A small team of like-minded people, we take delight in delivering what you want, quickly. Depending on your choice, we can install your shutters in as little as 7 weeks.

At Universal Shutters, we offer personal, affordable and hassle-free service. It’s what we value, so it’s what we offer.



From your initial contact, you’ll feel the difference. Your home, your way is at the heart of our philosophy. Professionalism and honesty you can rely on.


All of our ranges are made from the strongest, most durable materials. How else could we include a 10 year warranty on all our installations? Great products and peace of mind; guaranteed.


With 0% interest available and the best range in the market, we can work together to match your budget.


Our philosophy on service is straightforward:

Be brilliant.
Be precise.
Be gone.