Solid Panel Shutters

Solid panel shutters make a real statement, often chosen to completely shut out morning light, as well as keep the cold at bay.

What makes Universal Shutters’ Solid Panel Shutters Great?

Solid Panel shutters are great for a variety of reasons such as insulation and blocking out the light. However, they also offer a wonderful traditional window shutter option that will make your house look classic.


Universal Shutters offers a 10-year guarantee on their Solid Shutters which are made to measure for your custom requirements.




Solid panel shutters make a real statement, often chosen to completely shut out morning light, as well as keeping the cold at bay.
  • Great for blocking out light
  • Best for insulation
  • Traditional
  • 10-year guarantee

Solid Premium Hardwood Panels

Solid window shutters are distinct from other shutters as they don’t have louvres or slates. They are made out of solid wood.

Due to their material, they cover the whole window frame and offer an insulating layer for your room while their shutter panels are easy to open and access.

Our plantation shutters are made by our premium craftsperson and the solid panels are available in a range of colours: Including Silk white, extra white, walnut and grey.


The hardwood used in solid shutters works as an insulating layer and can keep your home warm during the cold months without you having to pay extra for insulation.


Solid shutters are often used in period properties when the customer wants to maintain the original features and aesthetic of the room, such as a Victorian-era home. They blend in perfectly and offer a classic quality look to a room

Solid Panel Shutters look stunning in traditional period properties especially those with floor to ceiling windows as they offer a majestic classic feel to the room.

Light Control

They let in much less light than other shutters or alternatives likes curtains. They do this because of their solid panels that allow in less light when partially open and no light when closed. This makes them ideal for you if you are sensitive to the sun or are looking for a solution to your light control issues.

Children & Flexible Shifts

If you live in a built-up area you’ll know how street lights can wake your children up and ruin their sleep schedule. Solid panel shutters can help stop intruding light and help you get better sleep.

Full Solid Raised Shutters

Full Solid Raised Shutters are shutters that cover a full-height window frame. They are great window shutters for any room in the house.

This is just one of the shutters styles that Solid Panel Shutters can be used for and these shutters offer comfort and style for your room.

Half Solid Shutters

Half Solid Shutters are window shutters that have the top half with louvres and the bottom half solid panel.

They are the best of both worlds for customers who want all the benefits of Solid Panel shutters but also want other benefits of different shutter styles.

This style is great at offering insulation, privacy and security while the louvred section is great at allowing in natural light.

Tier on Tier Solid Shutters

Tier on Tier shutters are plantation shutters that allow you to open the bottom and top half on their own. Unlike their louvred cousin, they are great at stopping lights coming in.

They offer the convenience of the flexible Tier on Tier Shutter and the benefits of the solid shutter.


Plantation shutters can come in a variety of colours. These include grey, silk white, extra white, walnut and many other custom colour options.

The colours can be made to fit into your room as stylishly as possible.


Solid Shutter styles are usually made with hardwood, giving the solid shutters a hard robust style for a good price.

Design Specialist

At Universal Shutters, we have all types of materials to match your preference and budget. Ask your design specialist to share our full range. Call us so we can discuss details and how our company can help you, the customer, make your house amazing with solid shutters.



We are an owner-managed business, offering brilliant service you can rely on. A small team of like-minded people, we take delight in delivering what you want, quickly. Depending on your choice, we can install your shutters in as little as 7 weeks.

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All of our ranges are made from the strongest, most durable materials. How else could we include a 10 year warranty on all our installations? Great products and peace of mind; guaranteed.


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